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Things to Consider

As you begin your application process, keep in mind that off-campus experiences offer a certain set of challenges, no matter the location. Students should expect to balance team dynamics, a demanding work schedule, and relationships with local sponsors all while getting comfortable in your host environment. When travelling away from home, and in many instances out of the country, it is normal to experience periods of homesickness and even culture shock as you adjust to your new environment. 

On each program page you will find details regarding housing, transportation, climate, and other unique factors specific to the Project Center location.  It is important that students read these details carefully, consulting with family members when necessary, to determine whether or not a location will be a good fit. 

Site Specific Information sessions are held in the Fall, prior to the application due dates, for students to learn more about the sites as well. After placement, the IGSD offers a robust pre-departure orientation program, starting as soon as two terms prior to departure, in order to help you prepare for your term off-campus. 

Well prepared students are better able to enjoy the unique and challenging experiences that off-campus project work offers – we look forward to working with you in this process!