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MQP: How to Apply

WPI MQP Project Centers are major specific.  Please make sure your major is listed for the Project Center before applying.

Here are the steps to apply:

1. Attend site information sessions and browse programs online. 

Each Project Center holds an information session during B term.  Please make every effort to attend this information session to receive more information and speak with the advisor(s).  You may browse brochures for Project Centers through the Global Portal.

2. Apply. 

Once you have decided on your Project Center, start your application by clicking "Apply Now" on the Program Brochure.

All applicants must be in good academic standing at the time of application.  Be sure to read and complete all documents in the "Application Questionnaires" section and the "Signature Documents" section on your applicant page.  Please also read the items listed under "Material Submissions." These require a physical action on your part.  IGSD will check mark them as completed once the appropriate actions have been taken.

Important Note for All Applicants: You must start an application before you can log in to this site. Any time that you are trying to log into the Global Portal Website prior to having started an application you will get an error message.

3. Interview. 

Each applicant must be interviewed for the first choice site.  You will only be interviewed once.  If you sign up for more than one interview you may be disqualified. 

4. Notification and confirmation. 

You will receive notification from IGSD informing you of the outcome of your application:  accepted, provisionally accepted, waitlisted, or denied.  You must review and return the appropriate documents and deposit (links to these requirements will appear on your applicant page) to the IGSD by the deadline to secure your participation in the program. If you are accepted to a Project Center, you must let us know whether or not you wish accept the placement.   If you decline your placement your slot will be opened up to candidates on the waitlist and you will forfeit your opportunity to participate in the program.

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