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Finances: Scholarships

WPI Global Scholar and WPI Foisie Scholarship Recipients

As a WPI Global Scholar or WPI Foisie Scholarship recipient, you were awarded a one-time $5000 stipend to use as part of the Global Scholars Program when you participate in one of the WPI Global Projects Program experiences. Recipients must complete the Global Scholars Program Stipend Request Form by March of the year prior to your GPP experience. The form can be downloaded here:  The scholarship will appear on your financial aid award letter that you receive over the summer.  If your GPP experience is in A or B term, the scholarship will be applied to the fall semester bill.  If you are going away in C or D term, the scholarship will be applied in the spring bill.  If you plan to use the stipend for plane tickets and other travel expenses you should request a refund of the credit through the Bursar's Office (after all charges have been paid in full).

Check back soon for scholarship opportunities outside of WPI!

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