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Resources: For Parents

A successful off-campus experience does not just occur. It requires careful consideration of all that needs to be done before a student leaves the WPI campus—and while living and working at the off-campus site. The Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (IGSD) has put together resources and documents that outline these considerations.

Parent-to-Parent Letter

Many WPI employees have children who participated in the Global Projects Program. Their collective wisdom is available in the Parent-to-Parent letter.


Students completing MQPs, IQPs, or Humanities & Arts (HUA) credits off-campus will incur costs above tuition.  More details about each project center and the associated costs are available on the program specific pages.  You can read more in our Finance section of this website.


Parents looking for tips on some of the most efficient and cost effective ways to keep in touch with their student while they are abroad can download the following document: Communicating With Your Student Abroad.pdf

Global Projects Program Application Process

The GPP application process is competitive. Meeting deadlines, completing all components of the application, and attending meeting and/or interviews on time all contribute to a successful application. Every application is carefully reviewed and considered. However, no student is guaranteed placement at any project center.  You will find more information about the process for each project type in the Programs section of this website.

Site Specific Student Handbooks

A link to the student handbook for each site will be sent to parents at the start of the prep term (term prior to departure).  This handbook has details about housing, safety, packing, etc. If you did not recieve the link, please email and we would be happy to send it to you.   

Helpful Links

Health and Safety
CDC (Center for Disease Control) Travel Information
GPP Application Process
Other Resources

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